Let’s face it–there are times we still forget to restock our medicines, only to discover that we’re out of them! When this happens, we tend to head over the nearest pharmacy and get our hands on the available meds and end up spending more than our monthly medicine budget. 

You can always place another order on Trust Pharmacy for your meds, but you have to wait for a minimum of 3 days before your order arrives. To avoid situations where you’ve run out of meds, we now offer automatic order refills! 

Our refill program is seamless and hassle-free. You can schedule your refills one month, two months or three months after your first order–the good thing is, it’s up to you to schedule your automatic deliveries. 

How do you set up automatic refills?

  • First, select the products you want to buy and add them to your cart. 
  • Proceed to checkout.
  • Select the automatic refill option and indicate the cadence of your next shipments (3 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, etc.)
  • Finalize your order (payment)

You will not be charged immediately after setting up the automatic refill. You will be charged once your refill is processed and shipped out from our warehouse.

If you need help setting this up, you may contact our customer support team via email.