Viagra is used for erectile disfunction treatment (men impotence). It works by helping to get and to support erection during sexual agitation.
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Cialis is designed for men impotence treatment (men erectile disfunction). It can be used for other goals as well.
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Levitra (Vardenafil) is an oral therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
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Viagra Professional is an extra-strength prescription medicine.
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Viagra is intended and for the treatment of mild, moderate or severe erectile dysfunction.
Only: $2.85
Cialis is intended for the treatment of adult men, suffering from erection problems (psychogenic, organic or mixed erectile dysfunction).
Only: $2.73
About Us
Trust Pharmacy is a worldwide generics medicine distributor. We only offer authentic medicines from renowned generic manufacturers all over the world.
Reviews and Testimonials
Successfully operating for more than 10 years we have received hundreds of reviews. Reads some of them below.
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All orders include some bonus pills. On top of that, please apply this code  FdyDWp7kq  at your cart to receive an additional 7% discount.

Trust Pharmacy Official Website

Welcome to Trust Pharmacy, an international online pharmacy that supplies various generic medications at a very affordable price! 

Branded medicines are often too expensive and in some parts of the world, patients have no access to their generic counterparts. At Trust Pharmacy, we deliver generic medicines worldwide so you can have access to medications that are otherwise inaccessible or too pricey in your area. 

It’s no secret that big pharmaceutical companies monopolize the medicine market. They say that the higher cost of meds is a result of years of research and operating expenses. Although in part, this is true, their exorbitant prices also come from royalties and the lack of price regulation for massive companies in the market. 

Our medicines come from renowned, internationally-certified and accredited manufacturers all over the world. For this reason, we are able to give you the best prices for the medicines you need. In essence, brand name medicines and generic medicines are identical, so you can be assured that you’re getting the best product at the best possible value when you purchase your meds at our store. 

Trust Pharmacy Online

What We Offer

Trust Pharmacy offers a vast selection of prescription and non-prescription generic medicines for a wide range of medical conditions. Some of the medicines available and ready to ship include:

  • Birth control medications
  • Female fertility medications
  • Male fertility, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation medications
  • Anxiety and depression medications
  • Hair loss medications
  • Pain relief medications
  • Sleeping aids
  • Smoking cessation medicines

Your Health Is Our Priority

Above all, your health is our priority. That’s why you can rest assured that you’ll only get the highest quality generic medications, but at a very budget-friendly price. 

How can we offer the best products at the lowest prices? Our manufacturers implement the strictest quality control standards to ensure the safety and efficacy of each of the products. Their facilities are ISO, WHO and GMP-compliant and are equipped with the latest technology for drug manufacturing. 

Ordering Is a Breeze

Feel free to browse our product selection and look up the medicines you need. Our products include the basic drug information to help you in selecting the meds you need to purchase. 

If you wish to order, just look for the products you need and add the products to your cart. Our checkout is a breeze–we offer guest and member checkouts, so you may order your generic medicines whether you register now or do a guest checkout.

Shop Medications Online

However, in compliance with international pharmacy standards, we only cater to patients with the right prescription for the meds they need to order. If you wish to order from our shop, make sure that you have the correct prescription for the medicines you need (especially if your order is an Rx-only drug), so you can safely import your medicines in your country. 

If you have questions and concerns, feel free to check our Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have other questions, send us an email or chat with us so we can help you with what you need. 

Again, welcome to our generics pharmacy!

Reviews and Testimonials

Successfully operating for more than 10 years we have received hundreds of reviews. Reads some of them below.

Randy, 50 (United States)

I’ve tried various online pharmacies on the web and so far, Trust Pharmacy is the only one to impress. My shipments are always on time and the products are amazing. I’ll continue to use Trust Pharmacy in the foreseeable future!

Kate, 31 (United States)

Trust Pharmacy is a reliable online drugstore with the cheapest prices in the market. Although I was skeptical at first because of the tons of discounts I’ve received, I can assure you Trust Pharmacy is the real deal! So far the herbal weight loss pills I’ve ordered works, and to-date, after a month of use, I’ve already lost 17 lbs…

Miriam, 63 (Canada)

Love hw the shop handled my ordrs well.Theyve even included freebies& senior discount.

Samir, 27 (India)

Gud products , very afordable prices

语嫣, 33 (China)


Raj, 46 (India)

Lovely item मैंने वियाग्रा का ऑर्डर दिया है और मुझे अच्छे उत्पाद मिले हैं। मेरे ईडी के लिए कोशिश की और यह प्रभावी था।

Earnest, 35 (United States) 

I thought Trust Pharmacy was just like any other online drugstore. but I thought wrong; the shop clearly never fails to impress – Id order over and over frm this store 

Bill, 43 (United States)

my order was delayed for 2weeks but i got it eventually. turns out my parcel got stuck on the post office. good thing i checked with our local postman and i discovered that my package arrived at the time. thanks

Valerie, 24 (Russia) 

спасибо аптечный центр за мои добавки. они эффективны и замечательны для суставов моей мамы.

Charlie, 57 (France)

la dysfonction érectile est vraiment une maladie embarrassante. Je ne peux pas être vu acheter du Viagra en vente libre, j’ai donc eu recours à l’achat de mes médicaments en ligne. c’est une bonne chose que le centre commercial de pharmacie soit là pour livrer des médicaments de façon anonyme. cette boutique a été une grande bénédiction pour ma vie. bonne vitesse

Karl, 28 (United States)

Smoking cessation meds are expensive from where I come from so I needed to find online alternatives. I checked online forums and found out about Trust Pharmacy. It’s a good thing I tried this shop and found my meds at the best prices! thanks Trust Pharmacy…

Marcus, 30 (United Kingdom) 

Thank oyu for the discount – i got 20% off my order and i saved tons

Diana, 49 (Italy)

Ero contento di aver scoperto il centro commerciale della farmacia per i miei medicinali. è troppo costoso nella nostra città e buona cosa il negozio offre loro per circa il 75% in meno. Continuerò a usare il centro commerciale della farmacia per i miei medicinali

Ivan, 29 (Russia)

спасибо за быструю доставку! я ждал только неделю вместо 3 недель авиапочтой. супер быстрая и недорогая продукция

Carlos, 57 (Mexico)

Estaba teniendo problemas para hacer mi pedido, así que intenté contactar al servicio al cliente del centro comercial de farmacias para que me ayudara. bueno que pudieron ayudarme y pude ordenar cialis por teléfono. gracias chicos

Dr. Lucy Robinson
Dr. Robinson's major research interests are control of cell growth and division, protein phosphorylation, vesicular trafficking, and yeast genetics. Department of Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyLSU...
Read More "Dr. Lucy Robinson"
Dr. Brent C. Reed
Dr. Reed's major research interests are the regulation of insulin receptor and glucose transporter expression. Department of Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyLSU Health Sciences Center1501 Kings...
Read More "Dr. Brent C. Reed"
Dr. Shari Meyers
Dr. Meyers' major research interests include understanding how the non-random chromosomal translocation, t(8;21), transforms myeloid cells and its relevance to human health issues. Education The...
Read More "Dr. Shari Meyers"
Shile Huang, Ph.D.
Dr. Huang's major research interests include cell signaling and tumorigenesis. Department of Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyLSU Health Sciences Center1501 Kings HighwayShreveport, Louisiana 71130-3932 Phone: (318)...
Read More "Shile Huang, Ph.D."
Dr. Eric First
Dr. First's major research interests include aminoacylation of tRNA, protein-nucleic acid interactions, enzyme catalysis, nuclear translocation, and apoptosis. Department of Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyLSU Health...
Read More "Dr. Eric First"
Dr. Arrigo De Benedetti
Dr. De Benedetti's major research interests include understanding the regulation and functions of the protein synthesis initiation factor eIF4E (cap-binding protein), altered protein synthesis in...
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Dr. Nathan Davis
Dr. Davis' major research interests include analysis of signal transduction pathways utilized by the colony stimulating factor-1 receptor, and oncogenesis due the dysregulation of signal-transducing...
Read More "Dr. Nathan Davis"
John Clifford, Ph.D.
Dr. Clifford's major research interests include retinoid receptor function and skin cancer. Department of Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyLSU Health Sciences Center1501 Kings HighwayShreveport, Louisiana 71130-3932...
Read More "John Clifford, Ph.D."


There are plenty of new developments in the pharmacy world all around the globe and we want to share the new knowledge with you. We want to keep you up-to-date with the latest innovations in drug technology and the latest generic medicine releases for famous brand name products.

We encourage you to check back on our News section regularly to view the latest on your favorite drug brands or for the latest on the following:

  • Drug innovations. Find out recent drug discoveries from big pharmaceutical companies. 
  • Generic drug releases. Find out the latest generic drug releases and approvals for your essential brand-name medications.
  • Latest drug brands on Trust Pharmacy. To make sure you’re up-to-date with our latest products, we do press releases on the newest products on our lineup. 
  • Latest on diseases. We care about our clients being informed on looming epidemics and global pandemics, so we share the latest news on trending diseases and what you can do to prevent them.  
  • Company news and events. Trust Pharmacy is pleased to share recent company developments, expansion (and plans for expansion) and goals so our clients may share with our company vision. 

If there are news, updates or developments you would like for us to feature, or if you wish to contribute to our news/press release section, let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Inquiries

Where do you source your generic/brand-name medicines?

Trust Pharmacy teams up with various generic drug manufacturers from all over the world. We handpick our suppliers and source products from ISO, WHO, GMP-certified manufacturers to ensure the high-quality and safety of our products.

Are the medicines in Trust Pharmacy FDA-approved?

Yes, the medicines we sell at Trust Pharmacy are FDA-certified and are safe and effective to use. 

Can I find generic versions of every brand-name drug in Trust Pharmacy?

While we strive to expand our product selection on a regular basis, there are simply some branded medicines without any generic counterparts. 

What products are available in your store?

We have the following products at your disposal:

  • Generic medicines
  • Branded/brand-name medicines
  • Herbal medicines
  • Over-the-counter products
  • Prescription items

All of our medicines are FDA-certified and are safe and effective to use.

Are brand-name medicines different from generic medications?

Brand name and generic drugs contain identical active ingredients. This means that the same 100 mg sildenafil citrate found in Viagra is the same 100 mg sildenafil citrate found in its generic counterparts. 

Branded medicines are often more expensive than generic medications simply because they can charge higher fees at will. However, generic and brand drugs are essentially the same. 

How are generic drugs cheaper than branded medications?

Drug research process takes time and money, that’s why companies who were first in the market to manufacture a certain drug get to charge more for the product. These drug companies can continue to manufacture their drug without any opposition (generic versions), depending on their court approval to delay the generic competitors in the market. 

Generic drugs are usually more affordable than brand-name medicines since their manufacturers did not have to spend money on research for their products. They simply had to copy/reverse-engineer the formula from branded medicines.

Are your products affordable? How so?

Medicines in our shop are considerably more affordable than their counterparts at your local drugstores and pharmacies. On top of the low prices, we also offer special discounts and rewards to our valued clients.

Shipping Concerns

Do you ship your products in my country?

While we strive to cater to our consumers from all parts of the world, we are unable to service clients from a handful of countries due to potential customs issues. To know whether we’re able to ship to your country, contact our customer support team. 

How much are your shipping fees?

We have Airmail and EMS options available for our clients. Airmail is $9.95 and takes about 2-3 weeks of transit time, while EMS is $19.95 and takes 3 to 8 business days lead time. 

Why is my order delayed?

After your order ships out from our warehouse, the transit time is beyond our control. Our shipping partners are responsible for getting your orders to you safely. In case of bad weather or traffic conditions, they may decide to delay shipments to ensure safe delivery. 


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept international credit cards from Visa and MasterCard. For more payment options, you can ask our customer support team.

Is my credit card information safe when I purchase products from your shop?

We employ industry-standard SSL encryption to protect our consumers’ transactions in our store. Also, we do not store your credit card information.

Am I charged?

We send email confirmations for successful and non-successful transactions in our shop. Make sure to check your email (check the spam folder as well) to view the confirmation.


I received a damaged item. Can I get a refund?

If you have received a damaged product, kindly call or email our customer support team for assistance. We can re-ship your order for free or send you a refund depending on the nature of your concern.

I received an incomplete package. Can I get a refund?

If you have received an incomplete order, kindly call or email our customer support team for assistance. We can re-ship your order for free or send you a refund, whichever is more suitable.

I did not receive my order. What should I do?

If you haven’t received your order after 30 days, you can call or email our customer support team for assistance. Make sure to send the details of your order so we can assist you in refunds or a reshipment, whichever is better. 

However, before filing a lost order, make sure to double-check your local post office for your parcel.