IDSP 116

Biochemical and Molecular Methods (1 credit)

Faculty Member in charge:
Donard Dwyer, Ph.D., [email protected]
Department of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Neuroscience
When course is offered:
Fall, Annually
Prerequisites for course:

Description of course: A discussion of principles and application of common methods used for detection and analysis of macromolecules and their structure, function, and interaction. This course covers biochemical methods of separation and detection of macromolecules as well as structural analysis. There will be some form of out-of-class work for most lecture topics, including problems, literature reviews and visits to core facilities and major equipment. The goals of the course are: to develop an understanding of basic methods applied to the study of proteins and nucleic acids; to become familiar with the instrumentation used for these methods- (students should be aware of what instrumentation is required to use a particular method and have a basic idea how it is used), and to become aware of the ways that these methods and techniques are applied to biomedical study, i.e., understand what methods could/should be used to study a particular scientific problem. There will be one exam at the end of the course.