Coupons and Discounts

All orders include some bonus pills. On top of that, please apply this code FdyDWp7kq at your cart to receive an additional 7% discount.

Most patients are already suffering as they are. Sadly, the high costs of medicines in the market is an added insult to injury. Because we understand the plight of our ailing consumers, apart from offering affordably-priced medicines, we also give additional discounts for more savings.

Trust Pharmacy offers a wide range of seasonal and bulk order discounts to help clients find more value as they shop. 

You can find the following discounts in our store:

  • Bulk order discounts all-year-round. We give automatic bulk order discounts for all of our products. No need to enter a discount/voucher code–as long as you’re buying in bulk, you can expect a hefty discount upon checkout. 
  • Instant 10% off discount. All of our clients are eligible for an instant 10% discount for their orders. 
  • Seasonal coupon codes. Make sure to check our website for seasonal coupon codes during holidays and special events, like Valentine’s Day, Black Friday or even our store anniversary. You can get as much as 5 to 20% off from these special event vouchers, so stay tuned!
  • New buyer discount. Newly-registered consumers are guaranteed a special discount on their products upon checkout. However, only buyers who are registered with the system will be granted a special discount.
  • Loyalty rewards. To its long-term, loyal clients, the Trust Pharmacy offers more discounts and more savings. For more information on Trust Pharmacy’s loyalty discount and rewards, contact our customer care service.