Frequently Asked Questions

Product Inquiries

Where do you source your generic/brand-name medicines?

Trust Pharmacy teams up with various generic drug manufacturers from all over the world. We handpick our suppliers and source products from ISO, WHO, GMP-certified manufacturers to ensure the high-quality and safety of our products.

Are the medicines in Trust Pharmacy FDA-approved?

Yes, the medicines we sell at Trust Pharmacy are FDA-certified and are safe and effective to use. 

Can I find generic versions of every brand-name drug in Trust Pharmacy?

While we strive to expand our product selection on a regular basis, there are simply some branded medicines without any generic counterparts. 

What products are available in your store?

We have the following products at your disposal:

  • Generic medicines
  • Branded/brand-name medicines
  • Herbal medicines
  • Over-the-counter products
  • Prescription items

All of our medicines are FDA-certified and are safe and effective to use.

Are brand-name medicines different from generic medications?

Brand name and generic drugs contain identical active ingredients. This means that the same 100 mg sildenafil citrate found in Viagra is the same 100 mg sildenafil citrate found in its generic counterparts. 

Branded medicines are often more expensive than generic medications simply because they can charge higher fees at will. However, generic and brand drugs are essentially the same. 

How are generic drugs cheaper than branded medications?

Drug research process takes time and money, that’s why companies who were first in the market to manufacture a certain drug get to charge more for the product. These drug companies can continue to manufacture their drug without any opposition (generic versions), depending on their court approval to delay the generic competitors in the market. 

Generic drugs are usually more affordable than brand-name medicines since their manufacturers did not have to spend money on research for their products. They simply had to copy/reverse-engineer the formula from branded medicines.

Are your products affordable? How so?

Medicines in our shop are considerably more affordable than their counterparts at your local drugstores and pharmacies. On top of the low prices, we also offer special discounts and rewards to our valued clients.

Shipping Concerns

Do you ship your products in my country?

While we strive to cater to our consumers from all parts of the world, we are unable to service clients from a handful of countries due to potential customs issues. To know whether we’re able to ship to your country, contact our customer support team. 

How much are your shipping fees?

We have Airmail and EMS options available for our clients. Airmail is $9.95 and takes about 2-3 weeks of transit time, while EMS is $19.95 and takes 3 to 8 business days lead time. 

Why is my order delayed?

After your order ships out from our warehouse, the transit time is beyond our control. Our shipping partners are responsible for getting your orders to you safely. In case of bad weather or traffic conditions, they may decide to delay shipments to ensure safe delivery. 


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept international credit cards from Visa and MasterCard. For more payment options, you can ask our customer support team.

Is my credit card information safe when I purchase products from your shop?

We employ industry-standard SSL encryption to protect our consumers’ transactions in our store. Also, we do not store your credit card information.

Am I charged?

We send email confirmations for successful and non-successful transactions in our shop. Make sure to check your email (check the spam folder as well) to view the confirmation.


I received a damaged item. Can I get a refund?

If you have received a damaged product, kindly call or email our customer support team for assistance. We can re-ship your order for free or send you a refund depending on the nature of your concern.

I received an incomplete package. Can I get a refund?

If you have received an incomplete order, kindly call or email our customer support team for assistance. We can re-ship your order for free or send you a refund, whichever is more suitable.

I did not receive my order. What should I do?

If you haven’t received your order after 30 days, you can call or email our customer support team for assistance. Make sure to send the details of your order so we can assist you in refunds or a reshipment, whichever is better. 

However, before filing a lost order, make sure to double-check your local post office for your parcel.