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Major Research Areas

Eric J. Aamodt
Major Research Interests: Control of gene expression during development; the role of the cytoskeleton in development.

Beniam Berhane
Major Research Interests: Protein degradation and the ubiquitin proteasome system

John Clifford
Major Research Interests:  Retinoid receptor function and skin cancer.

J. Nathan Davis
Major Research Interests: Analysis of signal transduction pathways utilized by the colony stimulating factor-1 receptor; oncogenesis due the dysregulation of signal transducing molecules.

Arrigo De Benedetti
Major Research Interests: Altered protein synthesis in solid tumors; gene expression; radioresistance by the protein kinase Tousled.

Eric A. First
Major Research Interests: Aminoacylation of tRNA, protein:nucleic acid interactions, enzyme catalysis, nuclear translocation, apoptosis.

Sidney R. Grimes
Major Research Interests: Regulation of mammalian gene expression.

David S. Gross
Major Research Interests: Chromatin structure; transcriptional regulation; heat shock; yeast genetics; oncogenes.

Shile Huang
Major Research Interest:  Cell signaling and tumorigenesis.

Sushil K. Jain
Major Research Interest: Nutrition and free radicals; cellular damage in health and disease.

Nadejda Korneeva
Major Research Interests: Regulation of protein synthesis in eukaryotic cells and the interactions between translation initiation factors and RNA.

Shari L. Meyers
Major Research Interests: Leukemogenesis; transcriptional regulation of hematopoietic genes.

Brent C. Reed
Major Research Interest: Regulation of insulin receptor and glucose transporter expression.

Robert E. Rhoads
Major Research Interests: Protein synthesis in eukaryotic cells; viral pathogenesis involving translation; messenger RNA structure and function; regulation of cell growth.

Lucy C. Robinson
Major Research Interests: Control of cell growth and division; protein phosphorylation and vesicular trafficking; yeast genetics.

Sergey Slepenkov
Major Research Interests:  The enzymology of protein and nucleic acid unfolding. The role of eukaryotic initiation factor 4E phosphorylation in initiation of protein synthesis.

Gulshan Sunavala-Dossabhoy
Major Research Interests: Genotoxin-mediated DNA damage and repair, and salivary function

Kelly G. Tatchell
Major Research Interests: Regulation of cell growth and cell division; yeast genetics and cell biology.

B. Jill Williams
Major Research Interests: Molecular mechanisms of prostate and bladder cancer progression and metastasis.

Stephan N. Witt
Major Research Interests: Mechanism of action of molecular chaperones, structure-function relations, and misfolded proteins
and human disease.

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